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Kokedama is a artistic form of growing indoor and outdoor plants, originally from Japan. It reinterprets the relationship between the soil and the plant in a moss-covered dirt ball. This natural "flowerpot" gives a peculiar perspective to the plant it holds, while it provides a perfect environment for the roots and the plant to strive. The kokedama may be put on a plate or any other water resistant base, or could be hanged (for example using the fishing line and the hook you receive with your kokedama) from above. Choose your planet!

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Should you come across a kokedama that is not readily available, please mail us at and we'll do our best to create the kokedama of your liking asap, or to recommend you something else that you'll definitely love. We have plenty more kokedamas than those shown in the webshop, if you look for something else than those available here, make sure to follow our facebook and instagram feeds for inspiration and info. 

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