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Bamboo terrarium jar

Bamboo terrarium jar
  • Bamboo terrarium jar
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Pleioblastus pygmaeus terrarium
  • Pleioblastus pygmaeus - Dwarf bamboo terrarium - 15cm

    The bamboo terrarium is for those with little time to look after their plants, but at the same time they'd like to see something unusual at home. If you counted on one of those weird, screwdriver-shaped lucky bamboos, that time is over, you can upgrade to a miniature bamboo forest in your office or living room.

    Care: it is indeed very simple: all you have to do is to rarely refill some water (let’s say weekly), and you may rarely have to thin the mini bamboo (pick up a pair of scissors every second month, and plant your cuttings in a new jar). There is for sure no lifetime limit with this plant: this wonderful green island can decorate your living room or office until the glass is alive. It is happy in partial shade but works best in a bright spot. You may add other plants into the terrarium, though they will have hardly any chance in a bamboo neighbourhood. If you realise that it is no longer growing as before, add a little nutrition into the water or a solid fertiliser to the soil, but do it very carefully.

    Size: the glass jar is 20cm high and 15cm wide – the plant will grow approximately 40 cm high. 

    Note: there is no standard delivery of this terrarium in an assembled form – ready-made products will be delivered into Budapest downtown areas, or you may also pick them up in our studio, at Soroksári út 110. For national or international deliveries, we ship the glass jar, the bamboo and the rest of the components in separately, with short and clear assembly instructions. Enjoy planting!

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