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Kokedama - Echeveria sp. - S

Kokedama - Echeveria sp. - S
  • Kokedama - Echeveria sp. - S
Echeveria sp.
Size: S
  • Echeveria species

    Succulents are very resistant plants – they can tolerate negligent care and irregular watering. The greatest challenge a succulent kokedama may face is how to keep the moss fresh, as a 2-3-week watering period and selecting preferably sunny place (which is good for the plant) will cause loss of freshness of moss. Though this is not necessarily a major problem, several succulents can look cute also with less green moss, but if you prefer greens then be prepared for spraying the moss between bathing cycles – or keep it on a gravel tray.

    Light demand: The plant loves and actually needs direct sunshine for several hours, every day. On the other hand, excessive exposure to hot sun can damage the moss. Luckily enough, we found that our windowsill in our studio provides shade for the ball while the plant reaches to the sun -- you might also need to play around to find the perfect spot. 

    Temperature: It prefers warm temperatures, make sure that it is never exposed to frost.

    Water demand: Succulents do not demand frequent watering. The soil must dry out somewhat between waterings, but no roots can tolerate bone dry soil. It is useful to know that we never add sphagnum moss to the succulents' root in order to prevent rotting, thus the interior of your kokedama will have water in very similar volume as the outside. 

    Fertilising: fertilising should be very low key or kept at zero.

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