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Kokedama - Cuphea hyssopifolia - L

Kokedama - Cuphea hyssopifolia - L
  • Kokedama - Cuphea hyssopifolia - L
Cuphea hyssopifolia - Japanese myrtle
Size: L
  • Cuphea hyssopifolia – Japanese myrtle

    Myrtle is a fantastic evergreen perennial shrub, blossoming throughout summer. This variety brings dark cyclamen-like purple flowers. It is very durable plant, can easily tolerate minor irregularities in watering, and its light demand is not as high as typical for bushes in blossom. The name is simply another botanic riddle, as the plant originates from Central America. Feel free in pruning them if they proliferate -- cutting is back will result in new sprouts and new flowers in the summer. 

    Light demand: For a lot of flowers it will need plenty of light and at least some direct sunshine as well, but the plant will work in poorer light conditions as well. 

    Water demand: Allow the soil get a little dried between two bathing cycles, but you’d better not to take too much risk and under ordinary circumstances give water to the plant in every 8 days. 

    Fertilising: Like every plant when blossoming, a moderate fertilising will help, let’s say at every second or third bath (using a concentration 10 times lower than the recommended ratio, to save the moss cover) will result in more flowers. 

    All you need to know about this plant:

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