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Kokedama - Dracaena marginata - M

Kokedama - Dracaena marginata - M
  • Kokedama - Dracaena marginata - M
Dracaena marginata - Dragon tree
Size: M
  • Dracaena marginata - Dragon tree

    The dracaena is one of the hardiest house plants. You'll have success growing it with minimal attention: it does not mind to be forgotten about for a while, or if it is put in a shady spot in your home. A group of these hung up at an empty wall looks really splendid.  

    Light: These would survive almost any light conditions where plant life is still concievable, but in order to keep the colouring on the leaves, put in in a relatively brighter spot. 

    Temperature: 10-28 C

    Watering: The greatest enemy of a draceana is excessive watering. If you bath this kokedama too often, the bark softens up and the plant may rot. Make sure to allow the kokedama to dry out between two waterings, and do not leave the kokedama under water for too long (5-10 seconds will do).  

    Ferts: In the springtime and during summer you may feed this kokedama with some fertiliser. To do that, add some general fluid nutrient into the bathwater every now and than (using a concentration 10 times lower than the recommended ratio).

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