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Kokedama - Davallia Mariesii - M

Kokedama - Davallia Mariesii - M
  • Kokedama - Davallia Mariesii - M
Davallia Mariesii - Rabbit Foot Fern
Size: M
  • Davallia Mariesii – Rabbit foot fern

    Davallia, like other ferns don’t need too much light, but prefers humid environment, and it also likes warmth. It got the name after its air roots, which indeed look like small furry limbs. 

    Light demand: It prefers places in partial shade (shade being not equal to absence of natural light). Never expose the plant to direct sunshine.

    Temperature: 10-25 o C. It loves warmth.

    Water demand: Ferns have medium water demand, never let them completely dry out, and the best is to always maintain a slightly damp soil ball for the plant. What is really important: the plant will enjoy itself in damp and humid environment, so just give it a bathing or spray it with water whenever it comes to your mind. If the plant is not hanging, then a gravel tray below the kokesama can be a very good idea. 

    Fertilising: this fern grows slowly, and it does not need much fertilising. A small amount of general fluid nutrient into the bathwater will be fine in every second month, except for winter (using a concentration 10 times lower than the recommended ratio).

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