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Kokedama - Guzmania - M

Kokedama - Guzmania - M
  • Kokedama - Guzmania - M
Guzmania Lingulata
Size: M
  • Guzmania Lingulata

    Guzmania is a bromeliad species with spectacular red shoot tip. As typical for bromeliads, the plant prefers humid and warm environment – in nature they can capture most of the used water from mist accumulated at leaf base. As a consequence, guzmania adores regular spraying, so in this respect it is a perfect match to moss. It does not need regular bathing, by-weekly bathing will be enough. After blossoming (it may take months) the plant will start decaying, but only to allow energy flowing to the then emerging sprouts on the side.

    Light demand: It prefers places in partial shade, do not expose the plant to direct sunlight: it is unable to utilise any additional light, but its leaves might get dried due to excessive light. 

    Temperature: Just think of the climate in tropical rainforests: it brings no flower below 24 o C, and if kept for longer period below 10 o C it will give up. 

    Water demand: Guzmania does not need frequent watering, the soil of kokedama may even get dry time-to-time, but no root can tolerate well a bone-dry soil. Nevertheless, guzmania is crazy for humidity, its ideal environment is rather a warm bathroom with relatively good light, at least in our climate. Please regularly spray the plant, try to always keep some volume of water at the leaf base. plant geeks may use softened water or rainwater for watering – but we also use simple tap water in most cases without complicatoins. 

    Fertilising: Give the plant nutrient rarely and in very small doses, or just don't fertilise.

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