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Kokedama - Asparagus Falcatus - L

Kokedama - Asparagus Falcatus - L
  • Kokedama - Asparagus Falcatus - L
  • Kokedama - Asparagus Falcatus - L

Asparagus Falcatus - Sicklethorn
Size: L

  • Asparagus Falcatus - Sicklethorn

    Asparagus Falcatus is an extremely resistant plant – it can withstand negligent care as well. It is slightly toxic (in small volume it was used as medicine), so don't consume! Small thorns of adult plants may remind you of this warning.

    Light demand: It strives in bright conditions, but can do well in semi-shade, too. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

    Temperature: 10-25 o C. This asparagus species is not sensitive even to higher temperatures.

    Water demand: Asparagus is a thirsty plant, but its root system does store water, thus we don’t have to be too hair-splitting in keeping the prescribed watering periods. However, avoid the kokedama drying out completely, the best is to keep the ball soil always damp. 

    Feeding: After about 6 months, start giving the plant supplementary nutrients at every second or third watering. Adding a small dose of general liquid substrate to the bathwater (using a concentration 10 times lower than the recommended ratio) will support the plant development.

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