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Kokedama - Asparagus plumosus - S

Kokedama - Asparagus plumosus - S
Asparagus plumosus - Plumosa Asparagus
Méret: S
  • Plumosa Asparagus (Asparagus plumosus)

    This asparagus can well tolerate less careful cultivation, but be careful, it should not be exposed to direct sunshine or excessive hot, because the plant might get easily burned and become brownish. If this happens, cut back the brownish and dry branches, and it will grow sprouts again from the root.

    Light demand: it demands a place with partial shade, and dislikes direct sunlight.

    Temperature: 10-25 o C. Try to keep the plant in cooler locations also during summer – it is an ideal plant in air-conditioned flats. 

    Water demand: asparagus root can store water, so you don’t have to rigorously follow the watering instructions, but never let it get dry out. Between watering cycles you might spray some water onto the moss. 

    Feeding: You may add a small dose of general liquid fertiliser into the bathwater (using a concentration 10 times lower than the recommended ratio) in spring and summer at every second-third watering. Fertilise less often than what you imagine a prudent home gardener would do -- otherwise it will grow out the moss ball very soon. 

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