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Kokedama - Rosa - M

Kokedama - Rosa - M
  • Kokedama - Rosa - M
Rosa kokedama
Size: M
  • Rosa – Miniature rose species in kokedama, in several colours

    It is not very easy to cultivate roses indoors. They flourish in places with all-day sunshine, and somewhat exposed to wind and changing temperature due to morning-afternoon shift. Water demand of roses is also fairly high. The optimal place is a veranda with lot of light or a well-ventilated winter garden environment. After flowering, pruning is required and new sprouts and fresh flowers will emerge. 

    Light demand: very bright spot with several hours of sunshine is preferred.

    Temperature: keep it in a cool but frost-free place for overwintering.

    Water demand: the soil should always remain wet. Its thirst for moisture can be further satisfied with spraying or humidification.

    Fertilising: add some general fluid nutrition onto the bathwater (using a concentration 10 times lower than the recommended ratio) at every bathing during the blossoming cycle. You may water the roses less frequently when not in blossom, and then you may even abandon fertilising.

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