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Kokedama - Ficus binnendijkii alii - L

Kokedama - Ficus binnendijkii alii - L
Ficus binnendijkii alii -- Long-leaf ficus
Size: L
  • Ficus binnendijkii alii – Long-leaf ficus

    One of the less common versions of the favourite indoor plant – we like it soo much! The plant has qualities similar to those of ficus, if you have such ficus then you must know that it can get hurt in very strange things, one of them is a draught.

    Light demand: the plant definitely needs a bright place or a location with scattered sunlight.

    Temperature: 10-25 o C. Colder temperature will damage the plant, and frost will kill it.

    Water demand: you may leave the soil to get somewhat dry between two bathing cycle. However we may in the meantime spray water onto the moss to keep it healthy.

    Fertilising: add some general liquid nutrition into the bathwater (using a concentration 10 times lower than the recommended ratio) at every second or third bathing for optimal growth. Note that overfeeding will result in roots growing out the ball very soon. 

    All you need to know about this plant:

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