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03/04/2014 00:13

Size matters

When you browse our webshop you will see that we use S, M, L size indicators for each product. The diameter of the moss ball vary somewhat for the manually prepared balls – within certain ranges. Below we try to help so that you can better perceive the dimensions of the various size categories. 

When we create kokedamas, several factors influence the exact size of the balls. Most importantly, our concept of proportions and aesthetics for the given plant, as well as requirements of a healthy environment for the root system of the plant that define the size of the kokedama. But the precise size will also depend upon the root system of the given plant, thickness of the used moss, and some other similar and hardly foreseeable circumstances that come up when we shape the balls manually. 

This is why we do not specify precise diameters for the specific products – even if we prepare kokedamas using the same plant species of the same age, some difference may still occur in their diameter. 

So how can you figure out the size? Here is some help:


Size S is indeed a petite kokedama, with a diameter less than 10 cm (we do not prepare very tiny balls unless a customer explicitly requests it, because they can dry out rapidly and thus need intensive care). S-sized kokedamas have a cute impression, and do not offer an overwhelming presence in the interior. This size may be very appropriate for an ofice desk or as a small gift. Also, if you plan to have your own hanging garden with several kokedamas, it is definitely enhanced by one or two balls of this size. 

This is the approximate size we are talking about here: 


The medium size is typically 11-13 cm in diameter. These kokedamas are large enough to keep moist for a prolonged time, thus this size is perfect for people who are not so trigger happy when it comes to watering and caring for their kokedama. Most kokedamas we prepare are of this size. Their height varies greatly depending the plant species, the most typical height is between 30-35 cm in this category. 

Some examples here: 



Ez a legnagyobb olyan méret, amit még a webshopban megvehettek, ezek 15-18 centis átmérőjű, látványos, magas darabok -- olyanok, hogy amikor bejön valaki a szobába, nem tudja nem észrevenni őket. Nekünk ez a kedvenc méretünk, lógatva egészen fura levitáló hatást keltenek a nagy testükkel a levegőben. 

Mutatunk is néhány példát: 

Don't you have larger??

Yes we do! But oversized kokedamas are prepared individually, either because we have found an inspiring plant, or we have got an order. If you aspire to have a super-size kokedama, watch our stream on Instagram or Facebook for a while – something will sure pop up that is within the scope of your specific interest. But you must keep in mind that really large kokedamas weigh a lot, especially when wet, which makes their handling considerably more difficult than their smaller counterparts. Also, it makes their shipping more difficult (=much more expensive). 

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