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24/04/2014 23:48

At a glance

The neighbour’s grass shouldn't always be greener. We, at Petite Planet, are passionate about bringing art created by nature into the urban milieu, offering opportunities for urban indoor gardening in all residential environments.

Most of you must have had an experience that you time-to-time visited a gardening department store and purchased a lot of plants with the hope that you will take care of them in your flat. But these lush and  plants in most case turned to be very stubborn and claimed damp soil, sunlight and so on, and as these were not always properly provided, the plants dried out in a couple of months. 

At Petite Planet we create special floral objects that are not only pretty, but can be easily cared for. A kokedama is much more tolerant for watering glitches than a potted plant. This requires quite some ‘investments’ on our side: we pick the plants one-by-one, and plant them into a soil mixture that can provide them appropriate living environment.

In the moss balls we use additives that provides slow-release nutritients for the plants, and we do all this in a fully environmentally-friendly manner, without using any chemicals. (Well, we cannot take it for granted that plants in the kokedama are all brought up in this way, but as far as possible we certainly reduce the our own environmental footprint).

Kokedama works perfectly for the less rigorous home gardener for creating a sustainable green environment at home, that at the same time also meets the demands of the contemporary design. 

What to do if there is only inappropriate light in your flat? There must be some light in the window for sure: hang some kokedamas there, they'll strive. I may happen that you are away from your plants for weeks? No problem, select some among the less water-demanding plants and they will most probably survive your “care” (only your moss might feel offended for a while – but don’t worry it will revive). 

Kokedama is not just an indoor plant for us: it is rather an art object. A living statue that can indeed function as a piece of art if we can find for it the right location.  

We can wholeheartedly recommend our Petite Planet terrariums even for the home gardener aspirants who are very busy and spend most of their time away from home as these units indeed need significantly less care than any other solution which is green and not made of plastic. If you close the top of your terrarium, you will need to give it some water only a couple of times during the year. And if by chance the terrarium happens to completely dry out; no headache, in most cases when the moss receives water again it will revive. And last but not least, you can also play gardener in your glass world -- if you happen to find a nice piece of moss or a small plant somewhere, just go ahead and reshape your terrarium to your liking.

Originally, we were interested in underwater plants (well, they need no watering, do they?), and our emotional attitude towards wabi balls came from love of aquascaping. With wabi balls, built with aquatic plants that also enjoy living emersed out of the water, you can easily create an excitingly lush miniature swamp-habitat onto your desk, left alone to grow freely, or shaped with your scissors. (Note that wabis require more care than the previously mentioned two.) More adventurous home gardeners might keep their wabi ball in a small-size aquarium -- plants will obviously survive underwater – accompanied with some shrimps and snails.

Thanks for your visit (special thanks for having read through this introduction to the very end) – enjoy your stay in our webshop.


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