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Kokedama is a relatively unknown form of indoor plant cultivation with considerable traditions among Japanese bonsai gardeners. Moss has been impressing people for centuries: its aesthetics, the feeling when you touch moss, and the ability to "rise from the death", that is, only a few drops of water can revive the moss after long periods of draught. In certain cultures moss is the symbol of hope, rebirth and resurrection. Get to know all about kokedamas!
24/04/2014 23:48

The neighbour’s grass shouldn't always be greener. We, at Petite Planet, are passionate about bringing art created by nature into the urban milieu, offering opportunities for urban indoor gardening in all residential environments.

31/05/2014 12:41

Here we collect news, reports and press materials relating to Petite Planet and our kokedamas, and we hope that you soon need to scroll a lot to the bottom of the page:) 
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