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Kokedama - Murraya paniculata - L

Kokedama - Murraya paniculata - L
  • Kokedama - Murraya paniculata - L
Murraya paniculata - Orange jasmin
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  • Murraya paniculata - Orange jasmin

    The organe jasmin is our new absolute favourite kokedama: it is a wondersul evergreen shrub, flowering multiple times a year. Its white flowers are short-lived, but extremely fragrant. After blooming, it produces tiny orange-red fruits, which look stunning with the dark green glossy foliage and the light coloured bark. This plant is the perfect choice for those who linger for an unusual but relatively easy plant at home.  

    Light: The only hard requirement for the murraya is the relatively high light. Keep it near to a bright window, or place it outside when the weather is nice enough. 

    Hőmérséklet: 10-25 C -- it is a tropical plant, don't let it outside when it's cold. 

    Watering: The kokedama may dry out between two waterings. The murraya, however, will prefer relatively humid environment, that you can imitate with perioding spraying of the leaves.  

    Ferts: Apart of the winter period, liquid ferts given every second bath (in small concentration) will help growth and flowering. 

    All you need to know (spoiler alert: in Java murraya is believed to scare off the devil. We are not sure if it is capable to do so in our climate as well, but, you know, who knows):

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