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Kokedama - Cycas revoluta - M

Kokedama - Cycas revoluta - M
  • Kokedama - Cycas revoluta - M
Cycas revoluta - Sago palm
Size: M
  • Cycas revoluta - Sago palm

    Cycads are leftovers from the Jurassic - accordingly they are more likely than not to resist any care-disaster that other plants may not tolerate. Obviously, it is best for all if you can provide all your cycad needs at all times, to preserve their exotic, wild elegance for a prolonged time.  

    Lights: Apart of heavy direct sun, this plant will survive most lighting conditions, including less bright spots in the house. However, if oyu want your cycad to strive, you need to place it in a location with lot of ambient light. In warm seasons, cycads will love to be placed outside. 

    Temperature: Cycads have a fairly wide tolerance, it would even survibe some mild frost. Although we would not recommend experimenting with that too much. 

    Watering: Cycads are not super-thirsty, and they are really sensitive to saturated (overly wet) soil. While the kokedama has fairly good drainage. make sure that you do not overbath your cycad (does not need to spend more than 5-10 seconds under water). When its cooler, water it less frequently.  

    Fertiliser: If you'd like to see new foliage on your cycad (and why would you not want to see that, right) put a small amount of general fertiliser into the bathwater every three weeks, except for the winter period (using a concentration 10 times lower than the recommended ratio).

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