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Air Plant Orb / Hanger, 15cm

Air Plant Orb / Hanger, 15cm
  • Air Plant Orb / Hanger, 15cm
  • Air Plant Orb / Hanger, 15cm
  • Air Plant Orb / Hanger, 15cm
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Air Plant Orb / Hanger, 15cm

  • Air Plant - Tillandsia

    Tillandsia (air plant being the common name for the family) is a genus of epiphite bromeliads native to the American continent, mainly the middle of it. We know over 500 air plant species. Air plants do not root in any soil, they instead live on trees, typically. They acquire  moisture and nutritients  out of "thin air" through their leafs, hence their name.  
    In the orbs we create a small World for the air plants to inhabit, using preserved raindeer moss and some dryed flowers. The moss works as a sponge and play an important role in creating a relatively humid environment for the air plants. 

    Light: Tillandsia lova bright light, but most will not prefer direct sunshine in the warm season. The more silvery the leaves are the less likely is leaf-burn due to exposure to sun. Nevertheless, the main rule is that air plants do not need sun (they also dry out more quickly when exposed), but love to have plenty light. That said, tillandsias will also survive at more shadowy places and even with artificial lights.  

    Temperature: Depends on the species, but generally airplants will feel best in the range of 15-30 C -- room temperature is just fine.

    Watering: Air plants require fairly much water, but they can take care of themselves pretty well. Whenever they find humidity, they store a lot of it in their thick leaves that keeps them going for a long time -- hence taking care of them is a fairly relaxed exercise. The moss in the orb will provide additional humidity buffer thus it helps keeing our air plant healthy and properly moisturised. We usually dip a little bit of water at the bottom of the orb that the moss can absorb and then evaporate. Other than that we give our tillandsia a proper bath every month: we drop the plants in a bowl of water or an aquarium for an hour, during which they can properly fill up their reserves. 

    Fertilisation: It is not mandatory to fertilise air plants, but if we want a lot of new puppies and flowers, than adding some nutritients will help. You may fertilise your air plants by spraying it with diluted liquid fertiliser (quarter of the normal dose) once every month. 

    More about air plants:

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